The Spirit of

See Hoy Chan

Staying Adaptive Throughout Generations

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The Origins Title

In 1930, Mr. Teo Hang Sam brought his sons, Soo Chuan, Soo Cheng, and Soo Pin from Guangdong, China to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to make a living.

The Beginning Photo 1
The Origins Photo
The Beginning Title

Pragmatic, innovative and able to grab business opportunities at the right time, Mr. Teo Soo Chuan expanded the business further throughout the years.

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The Journey Title

To adjust to the shopping practices of Singaporeans, Mr. Teo Chiang Long, spearheaded an idea that saw See Hoy Chan (1988) rolling out 1kg, 5kg and 10kg rice retail sizes.

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The Revolution Title

In 2002, Mr. Jamie Teo and his team introduced “Go Weightless, Go HomeDirect” concept, a free home delivery service that delivers rice and other staples such as cooking oil, soy sauce, and sugar right to the doorstep without the hassle of carrying groceries.

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The Revolution Photo 1
The Future Title

See Hoy Chan (1988) seeks to amplify its brand of being loved by all generations and extend the integrity and spirit of See Hoy Chan.

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